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Update (6/15/17): I’ve separated the list for Tokyo and Kansai Region (Osaka, Kyoto, and etc.)

Continue reading below to find a link for the Tokyo or Kansai Guide, or click the “Destinations” tab above.

Here are a few tips I found helpful while traveling around Japan.


“Hyperdia” app – You can download it from the App Store or Google play store. It was a lifesaver when I needed to get from train station to train station.

Japan Rail Pass – Highly recommended if you plan on going across the country, and pays for itself when you take a round trip bullet train ride. It’s not necessary to buy a whole 14-day or 21-day pass, if you manage your time wisely. We only needed a 7-day pass even though our trip was longer than that. But, it also depends on how long your stay in Japan is and where you’re trying to go. You must order it within 3 months of your trip, not earlier! The voucher can be exchanged at a number of office locations, and you can even book your future bullet train rides there too. In the end, you can save lotsss if you plan on taking JR trains everywhere.

Pocket Wifi – You will need this, if you don’t plan on getting completely lost. Google Maps worked in most areas we were in, so we relied on pocket wifi for navigation. We purchased it along with our Japan Rail Pass and picked up the Pocket Wifi at the post office in the airport.

SIM Card  – If you’d rather not carry a pocket wifi around, and don’t want the hassle of returning it at the end of your trip, a SIM card is another option! We opted for this during our last trip (Fall ’19). We ordered it online through the same website as the Japan Rail Pass, and had it shipped to us in the U.S. before our travel dates. When we got to the airport, all we needed to do was follow the instructions on the brochure that was sent along with it. Then, we were good to go! It was nice not having to rush and find a post office or kiosk, to return the pocket wifi. The SIM card is also available at any telecommunciations booth when you arrive at the airport!

Suica IC card – This is a pre-paid money card that’s used for getting around and shopping. Instead of buying a ticket at the vending machine every time, you can load this card and touch it to the ticket gate.  The fare will automatically be deducted when you scan it again to leave. It can also be used for trains, subways, buses, and even to make purchases at some stores.

For more photos or places I haven’t listed, you can find it on IG under the hashtag #sherrytravelsjapan


You can find food and travel tips for Kanto Region (Tokyo, Kanagawa & etc) here.

Tokyo Guide ’17

or Kansai Region (Osaka, Kyoto & etc.) here.

Kansai Guide ’17

Stay tuned and check back often for updates!

P.S. Thank you to all of those who helped me out with tips and sending me your itineraries! I greatly appreciate it!!

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