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The weather is perfect and it’s absolutely gorgeous here! We’ve only taken a couple of day trips from LA, but hopefully we can stay a little longer next time. The last time we went was back during June ’16. We haven’t had a chance to thoroughly explore San Diego, but here’s a list of our Top 5, out of where we’ve been so far.

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La Jolla Cove – This area always happens to be our first stop when we get to SD. It’s a beach tucked between sandstone cliffs. We usually go as early as possible, so we can find decent parking. The views here are breathtaking!

Children’s Pool La Jolla – If you go early enough, you can catch the seals and sea lions! There’s lots of tourists in this area, but it’s something you must experience when you’re here.

Balboa Park – We needed a place to go between lunch and dinner, and this was perfect! It’s a 1,200-acre urban cultural park that’s home to about 17 museums, multiple gardens, trails, gift shops, restaurants and many more.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park – We didn’t make it on time to watch the sunset, but it was still nice to see, even after the sun has already gone down. The cliffside trails are a popular place for walking and watching the sunset. It’s a great area to relax and just listen to the waves crash against the rocks.

USS Midway Museum – You can find this aircraft carrier in downtown at the Navy Pier. It is the most popular naval warship museum in the United States! We were here for hours, so go early if you want to be able to get through everything, because it closes at 5 PM.


Extraordinary Desserts – This is one of the most popular dessert places in San Diego! We went as a large group, so we all just shared and got to try a little bit of everything. They were all good! My absolute favorite was the toasted macadamia caramel cheesecake.

Homestyle Hawaiian – The first time we went, we all ordered so much food that we barely had room for the next place. The malasadas, loco moco and deep fried spam musubi is sooo bad for you, but it was soo delicious! It’s a good thing we were able to share it as a group, and had time to digest while we were at the USS Midway Museum. We went back again during our next cali trip and I decided to get the Ahi Poke instead, and I have to say, it’s probably my favorite dish there. There’s just something about the sauce and fresh tuna that was so addicting!

Tacos El Gordo – I heard so much about this taco place that we had to see what the hype was about. We were skeptical because Texas street tacos are the best! (Being a little biased, I know :p) But then again, we can’t really compare because this is Tijuana Style, so it’s not the same. We ordered so many different kinds between the 8 of us, that I don’t remember what all we ordered. The one that stood out the most was the adobada tacos w/ everything on it! It’s the one with the light green sauce and pineapple slices, pictured below. There’s a place in NYC called Los Tacos No. 1 that also has great adobada tacos!

Liberty Public Market – The first food hall in San Diego! After experiencing Anaheim Packing District in OC, I just had to check this place out because I loved the food hall concept. We didn’t have any of those in Texas at the time. Here you can find numerous food vendors and small shops throughout the “market.”

Ocean Beach Farmers Market – I was on the hunt for live uni and we saw that there was a vendor here who had it! You can find all sorts of eats at this farmers market, as well as many other types of vendors.

Other places we’ve been:

Food: Poppa’s Fresh Fish (live uni), Phil’s BBQ, Fishbone Kitchen (oysters & live uni), Mastiff Sausage Company (handmade craft sausages)
Desserts: 85c Bakery
Drinks: 7 Leaves

If you have time to drive to Los Angeles, check out the LA Food & Travel Guide here:

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For more photos or places I haven’t listed, you can find it on IG under the hashtag #sherrytravelscali

I haven’t split up the Cali locations yet, so there will still be posts for all of California in one hashtag. I’ll update the links if I get a chance to change it.

Check back later for more updates on this guide!

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